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The Calcium Caseinate –Protilight IP4 and Sodium Caseinate – Spray Dried products are both exceptional choices if you wish to reap the benefits of a diet high in nutritional values. The high levels of protein contained in them make Caseinate the perfect choice for athletes wishing to up their protein intake to improve general health, performance and endurance.

Caseinates are produced by adding an alkali to casein, then redissolving and drying it to create our range of caseinates. For many years Calcium Caseinate was the milk protein of choice for sports nutrition due to its high protein content, good flavour and low viscosity when dispersed in water permitting athletes to easily consume the quantity of protein that they required. Sodium Caseinate also contains highly purified proteins, with a good nutritional value and excellent functional properties - emulsifying and thickening.

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