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Made from 100% durum wheat, semolina is the gritty, coarse, fibre­rich particle of wheat left behind after the finer particles of flour have passed through the bolting (refining) process. It’s a great way to lose weight and reduce blood sugar making it a popular choice for diabetics. Semolina is low in fat, offering a lot of energy as well as vitamins E and B that help boost your immune system. It’s also an excellent source of protein but low in cholesterol and sodium meaning it can be safely incorporated into a well balanced diet.

Semolina is also high in fibre and widely used in the manufacturing of pasta giving it a pleasant taste and texture. It’s also an effective ingredient to thicken stews, as a hot cereal or even just a on it’s own with fruit and nuts added. If cooked and dried, it can be used to make couscous which is cooked the same way as rice.

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