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Dried Egg

Our dried egg is available in a range of measures. Both whole egg powder and egg white powder (Egg albumen) are available in 25kg boxes. Egg albumen has a high protein content with very low fat content and 1kg of powder is equivalent to approx 250 hens eggs. Both the Whole Egg and Egg Albumen have excellent binding properties and can be used in many applications, from food to non food blends.

More Information About Dried Egg

Using dried egg is a convenient way in which to ensure you get enough protein and other nutrients in times where you would not have the time to buy or cook with fresh eggs. The shelf life of dried egg is up to 24 months from date of manufacture, so it can be stored in your kitchen for a long period of time without the worry of it going off or going to waste.

With the new technology available, dried egg has not only improved in taste but also in quality, so by adding dried egg to your balanced diet you will reap the benefits both nutritionally and in convenience to your every day life. With the high protein levels and low fat levels found in dried egg, it is worth considering changing from fresh to dried egg and finding out for yourself the excellent taste it now offers.

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