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Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition products for drinks and bars. Sports nutrition products include
Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Instant
Acid Whey Protein Concentrate 82% Instant
Whey protein Isolate 95% Instant
Milk Protein Concentrate 85%
New VAT rules apply to Instantised Milk Protein products sold to end users as ready to drink protein shakes.

More About Sports Nutrition

Our sports nutrition selection is varied in type but all have excellent health and nutritional values, and are a vital asset to anyone training athletically, exercising or using the gym. The high protein levels in our sports nutrition choices are beneficial in the healing and growth of muscle, and will improve performance by ensuring quick recovery and increased muscle strength.

The sports nutrition whey powers can be added to water or milk, as well as into smoothies or shakes. You can either add them onto your current daily intake to build muscle or tone, replace a meal with them to control your nutritional intake. All of the sports nutrition selection works excellently as pre, post and during workout drinks, and will leave you noticeably improved performance wise and health wise.

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