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HNV Ingredients

High Nutritional Value (HNV) Ingredients have been used in carp fishing for the last 40 years. By any standard that you care to choose whether it is measured by PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) or BV (Biological Value) then milk proteins are right at the top. Available HNV ingredients include Acid Caseins, Calcium Caseinate, Gelling Whey Proteins, Egg powders and Fish Protein Extracts. Fillers include, Semolina, Full Fat Soya Flour and Maize flour.

HNV ingredients are one of the most widely used and popular fish baits among fishermen who agree that the best way to have excellent results when fishing is to provide the fish with high nutritional value ingredients as fishing bait.

Our HNV ingredients range from hydrolysed fish extract and fresh salmon extract to whey gel and proteins. By choosing our HNV ingredients, not only will the fish benefit greatly but you are sure to as well with your fishing success.

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