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Dehydrated Potato

Our dehydrated potato flakes come in a range of measures. We can offer a variety of dehydrated potato flakes from 5mm to 2.5mm, including or excluding added preservative and with the flexibility of being mixed as cold (for reheating) or hot. Dehydrated granules, or sometimes known as powder, comes in two grades, Mash grade or snacks grade, depending on your preference. A branded native potato starch (Farina) is also available, packed in 25kg bags. All of our dehydrated potato flakes are produced at fully accredited plants, BRC or equivalent and with full traceability from field to end user; GMO free, gluten free.

More Information About Dehydrated Potato

There are many benefits you can gain from adding dehydrated potato to your balanced diet, particularly from the vitamins contained within them. Dehydrated potato is an excellent source of both vitamin B and C, meaning that it fits perfectly into the diet of both athletes and people wishing to control their weight better. The vitamin C in dehydrated potato helps to strengthen bones and tendons, leading to better ability and performance athletically. The vitamin B in dehydrated potato helps to boost your metabolism and encourage your body into using the energy provided. This means that by implementing dehydrated potato into your diet, you can control your weight better and will find it easier to control your weight.

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