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Potato Flakes

Potato flakes have more to them than mere mash. As suppliers of potato flakes, we at Bacarel Express use a number of different manufacturing techniques to create a diverse range of potato flakes with different properties and just as many distinct implementations. Our potato flakes are prepared from selected potatoes under sanitary conditions; they’re washed, cooked and mixed with additives to bolster their nutritional value – all while being GMO free. We provide potato flakes in bags of 12.5KG, 15KG and 20KG.

Potato Flakes - More Information:

Potato flakes are a practical and inexpensive way to stretch foodstuffs on an industrial scale, or to push your own home-made goodies that little bit further. You can use potato flakes as soup thickeners, to make bread, to thicken your pancakes, or to further almost any other baked goods. If you’re working on a large scale, using potato flakes as a binder or thickener is an excellent way to stretch out your product to its maximum value. The versatility of the potato flake is truly astounding!

Potato flakes can be found in a range of forms; granules, pellets powder, shredded, sliced and even the elusive potato pearl – but at Bacarel Express we focus on potato flakes and potato granules. From commercial products like instant mashed potato, pasta, croquettes and snacks, to frozen desserts, gravies and even some chocolate milk products – you’d be hard pressed to go down a superstore isle without finding at least one product that has seen a potato flake.

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