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What do I do if I have not received my order?

Once your order has been sent, you will receive a dispatch confirmation email which will advise your estimated delivery date. If your order has not arrived by the estimated delivery date, we're here to help.


Please can you check the following before getting in touch?

  • If your order has been sent on a tracked service, check the tracking link via your dispatch confirmation email to view the up to date tracking.
  • Sign into your account to check we have the correct delivery address for your order and your contact details are up to date.
  • Check to see if you have a delivery card from one of our carriers. Your parcel may be awaiting collection at a local sorting office or delivery depot, or you may need to arrange redelivery.
  • Check with your neighbours to see if they have accepted the parcel on your behalf.
  • Look in any safe areas the driver may have left your parcel, such as behind bins or in a shed, garage or porch.

If you still cannot locate your order we ask you to please allow the following amount of time to pass before reporting your order as missing:

- Any orders on a Tracked Service should be reported as missing within 7 days of expected delivery date.

- Inside UK, please allow 14 days from dispatch before reporting an item as missing.

- Inside Europe, please allow 21 days from dispatch before reporting an item as missing.

If your order has not arrived after this time, and you are certain that it isn't with a neighbour or another member of your household, please Contact Us and we will investigate further and arrange a replacement item to be sent.


There is an item missing from my order. What should I do?

Due to our extensive range of products your items may be packed in separate parcels and will sometimes be delivered at different times.

Please check the items listed on your dispatch confirmation email. If you are missing an item that is not listed please allow longer for it to be delivered.

If you are missing an item listed on the dispatch email, please contact our Customer Service Team


How do I cancel my order?

Please contact our Customer Service Team

Please quote your order reference and contact details so we can handle your request quickly and efficiently.


Product FAQ's 

What are the benefits of including whey protein in my diet?

If you’re looking to build, or preserve lean muscle then whey protein is a great option for you! It’s much higher in Protein than regular whey, milk and eggs, and naturally low in carbohydrates. This helps you get a much higher concentration of protein into your diet with ease. Protein is an indispensible part of muscle recovery and growth, so if you’re training, whey protein is used in addition to your ordinary meals to ensure your body is performing to its optimum level.



What’s the difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate?

The main difference between the two is the percentage of protein within them. Protein isolate has a much higher concentration, of over 90%, whereas protein concentrate starts at 65%. Both are virtually fat free and low in carbohydrates and so are great protein supplements to your diet.



How do I use Potato starch in my cooking?

Not only is potato starch a great source of nutrients and vitamins, but it also has many uses to help make you cooking easier and more cost effective! Potato starch can be used to add flavour and thickness to soups and sauces, but can also be added to help stretch you meals to feed more. Potato starch really is a versatile product that can make your meals healthier and more economical! 


I’m looking to improve my energy levels, is milk protein concentrate for me?

Yes! Milk protein concentrate is a great source of protein which can help to improve energy levels. It can be added to smoothies and shakes pre work out to make you ready for some intense training or, post work out to help your body recover. Alternatively, you can use it as a supplement to your ordinary diet to make sure you receive enough protein and nutrients to make you ready and raring to face the day!


What are the benefits of using whole egg powder over normal eggs?

Obviously we know that you’re going to love normal eggs! But there are lots of benefits in introducing whole egg powder into your diet. Whole egg powder is much cheaper, and can be used in a wide array of you egg based dishes! From baking to making delicious omelettes, whole egg powder can be a great and nutritious alternative!


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