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Caseinates are created by adding alkali to casein, then redissolving and drying it to produce our range of caseinates. Both of our Calcium Caseinate and Sodium Caseinate powder have high levels of protein and nutritional values, and can be used to improve the overall balance of your diet.

More Information on Casienate

Here at Bacarel Express, we recommend the usage of Casienate for anyone wishing to increase protein intake and improve health in general. Caseinate can be used to make nutritional foods such as protein bars, drinks and powders, which will assist in the repair and growth of muscles after exercise.

How to order Caseinate:

If you wish to buy Caseinate from us at Bacarel Express, click here to view your choices, and contact us if you have any queries about Caseinate and its uses.

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