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Fishing Bait Ingredients

High nutritional value ingredients have been used as fishing bait ingredients for over 40 years. We at Bacarel Express provide a wide range of fishing bait ingredients, depending on your preference and what works best for the fish you are catching.

More About Fishing Bait Ingredients

Some of the fishing bait ingredients available are Acid Caseins, Calcium Caseinate, Gelling Whey Proteins, Egg powders and Fish Protein Extracts. HNV products are popular as fishing bait ingredients as fishermen have come to realise that the way to get the best results is to ensure that the fish are fed nutritional food that they will be likely to return for.

How to buy our fishing bait ingredients:

If you wish to purchase fishing bait ingredients from Bacarel Express, click here to learn more about it and view our whole range. You can also contact us to ask about fishing bait ingredients, or for any other queries you may have.

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