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Fish Protein

Fish protein is an excellent supplement that can be used for the maintenance and improvement of your pet's skin and coat. We at Bacarel Express supply a range of fish protein to accommodate for your requirements, from hydrolysed fish protein to fresh salmon oil.

Because fish is so high in omega 3 and protein, it is one of the healthiest things you can give to your pets, especially if you are trying to control their weight. We recommend that fish protein be considered as a supplement to your pets diet when suggested by your vet.

More About Our Fish Protein

Among its many uses, fish protein is now often prescribed by vets to be included in pet's special diets, including veterinary, super premium, and hypoallergenic. Fish protein has incredible nutritional value for your pets as it is packed full of protein and will therefore benefit their health in general, as well as for the reasons prescribed by your vet.

Here at Baracel Express we supply a range of different options of fish protein, which can be purchased in either 250ml or 500ml bottles. Click here to see our full range, or contact us with any queries you have about fish protein.

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