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Whey Gel

Whey Gel is a high protein product used as a substitute for eggs when a high binding ingredient is required. We at Bacarel offer a range of Whey Gel that can be used in a variety of recipes for diverse purposes.

More About Whey Gel

Our selection of Whey Gel can be used both for human consumption and in recipes for bait as the high protein and binding properties give it the capacity for diversity. As an accompaniment to workouts or training, the high protein in the Whey Gel allows for faster muscle regrowth and repair, meaning that you get better results sooner. Whey Gel can be used in cheese, fresh dairy food industry, meat industry and vegetarian products as a substitute for eggs. One of the best benefits of Whey Gel is that it can partially or totally replace fat in dairy products, and gives your food and improved taste and texture.

How To Order Whey Gel:

Take a look at our Whey Gel here and follow the instructions to order online. You can also contact us here if you have any questions or need some advice on Whey Gel products - we'll be happy to help.

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