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Whey Protein Concentrate

Here at Bacarel Express we stock a range of whey protein in concentrate form, all of which are highly nutritious and beneficial for your general health, as well as the improvement of sports performance and muscle growth.

More Information on Whey Protein Concentrate

The high levels of protein in our selection of whey protein concentrate makes it ideal for all purposes of upping protein intake, whether you are an athlete, a gym goer, a pregnant woman, or if your child has a protein deficiency - this is the product for you.

Whey protein in concentrate can be taken pre and post workout to assist in muscle repair and growth, which will not only improve your performance but will make the next workout easier as your muscles will have been given the nutrition they need to heal ready for the next day. Whey protein concentrate can be conveniently added to water, milk, smoothies, shakes or juices for a tasty way to increase your protein levels.

How to order Whey Protein Concentrate:

Check out our full range of whey protein in concentrate to see which is most suitable for you, and don't hesitate to contact us if you require any advice on whey protein concentrate from our expert staff.

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