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Our maize flour is an excellent source of nutritional value, suitable for all purposes ranging from athletic to dietary needs. The health benefits you will gain from adding maize to your diet include faster recovery and a better digestive system, but the list of benefit is endless as maize contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals that your body thrives off.

More Information About Maize

The nutritional benefits of maize flour is extensive, maize being one of the healthiest foods available, packed with vitamins and nutrients. Maize flour is high in fiber and iron, and low in fat, so it's excellent for digestion and as a substitute for meat in order to prevent anemia through a lack of iron.

Eating maize a few hours before exercise is a great way to ensure you have the right energy levels; it's a good source of carbs that digest slowing, meaning your energy levels are consistent and without peaks or dips. When added to your balanced diet, maize flour will allow your performance to improve with boosted energy and strengthened muscle tissue.

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