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Potato Flake

Here at Bacarel Express, we stock Whole Potato Flake , Whole Potato Flake (small bag) , and Whole Potato Flake (preservative free) . All three bags of potato flake are nutritious and highly convenient for cooking with.

More About Potato Flake

Each packet of potato flake has been carefully selected, peeled, sliced, and cooked under sanitary conditions, food grade and GMO free. Potato flake is often used as thickeners in recipes such as soup, added to bread, pancakes and almost any baking goods. Our potato flake is an excellent addition to food made on an industrial scale, but can also be used at home on a smaller scale.

If you would like to purchase potato flake from us at Bacarel Express, follow this link to learn more and order, or alternatively you can contact us if you have any queries about potato flake.

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