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Potato Granules

Potato granules are used for many purposes, but mostly as an ingredient in frozen potato produce and potato snacks. Out two types of potato granules below offer the versatility to be used in many different recipes, so take a look and experiment!

More Information About Potato Granules

Potato granules are most commonly used in the making of frozen potato foods such as waffles, chips, curly fries, and croquettes. Potato granules can also be used to make crisps and other potato based snacks. Here at Bacarel Express we recommend the use of this product not only for convenience but also to enable you to easily make your food on a large scale when necessary.

Being made from the vegetable itself, potato granules maintain the nutritional values whilst also being in a convenient form, and the potato starch can be used instead of additives, making the product more nutritional all round.

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